Support Black Women.

Support Black Women.


On average, annual sales at businesses owned by Black Women are two times smaller than the next-lowest demographic group, Hispanic women, and close to five times smaller than for all women-owned businesses, according to the Federal Reserve. 


Many black women have difficulty accessing credit and face capital constraint. According to the American Express 2018 State of Women-Owned Businesses report, “Growth in both employment and revenues begins to take off for women-owned businesses when they reach $250,000 in revenue.”  The average annual sales for businesses owned by black women was $27,752 in 2012 (the most recent figures available), compared to $143,731 for all women and $170,587 for white women.



Here at Buy from a Black Woman, we make sure we take time to celebrate the vital role Black Women have played throughout American history, as well as the role we continue to play today. Not just during National Women’s Month, but all year long. Join us as we celebrate the many contributions of Black Women and as we continue to educate, empower and promote the growth of Black Women Business Owner.

Support Black Women


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Let those around you know that you support Black Women Business Owners. Here are some sample posts that you can use to encourage conscious consumership


     Black Women have a difficulty accessing credit and capital to fund and grow their business. I am making            a commitment to #BuyFromABlackWoman to support Black Women Business Owners. Learn how you can            become a conscious consumer 

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     I am supporting Black Women Business Owners by spending my money in places that will help empower              my community. Support the movement  #BuyFomABlackWoman 

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     Being a conscious consumer means knowing that the money I spend supports the community I live in.                That is why I #BuyFromABlackWoman. Support the movement                               #BuyFomABlackWoman #SupportBlackWomen #InvestInBlackWomen



Change your Facebook profile picture to our custom I Support Black Women photo frame and share pictures on how you support Black Women Business Owners. Make sure to use the hashtag #BuyFromABlackWoman for a chance to be featured.



Visit the Buy from a Black Woman Directory  to find products and businesses owned and operated by Black Women.


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