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official tour DJ


DJ Monday Blue

Monday Blue is an experienced Brooklyn-based DJ who specializes in both digital and vinyl music. With over nine years of experience, she is known for moving diverse crowds at events across the U.S. and abroad.

Monday Blue is also the founder and resident DJ of Doyennes of Disc, a monthly vinyl party featuring all women selectors at Brooklyn’s BierWax. You can stream her spinning vinyl live on most Wednesdays at 6 pm ET on Follow Your Bliss With Monday Blue on

saturday, july 1 - philadelphia, PA


AcARRE™️ Founder, CEO, and Chief Chemist Tracey is an esteemed chemical engineer who has worked in product development and marketing for over eighteen years. Request from family and friends, becoming a mother, and being a business owner, inspired Tracey to develop multi-use bioactive products made from natural ingredients for balance to the scalp and skin microbiome, for the beauty minimalist.

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Tyana BeUTee headshot_edited.jpg

BeUTee Bath and Body

Tyana Singletary is a research scientist, founder, and formulator of BeUTee Bath and Body. With over 20 years of laboratory experience, she is no stranger to the dangers of harsh chemicals. Ultimately, a brief encounter with one such chemical while working in the lab led Tyana to formulate a natural skin care line. BeUTee Bath and Body offers handcrafted vegan products with purpose! In addition to providing exceptional skin care, BeUTee Bath and Body seeks to support the efforts of domestic violence centers through her 10% giveback mission.

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DMC Original Art

Danielle M Chery is a self-trained artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She is the founder of  award-winning home decor business DMC Original Art, creating one of a kind pieces of functional resin art for homes and workspaces. Danielle turns to nature for inspiration and uses a fluid art technique to create earth-toned designs on wooden and ceramic materials. Some of her creations include coasters, jewelry dishes, serving trays, tables, and wall paintings.

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DMC Original Art Headshot_hr_2_edited.jpg
Nguzo ogbodo_edited.jpg

Yara Shea Beauty


Nguzo Ogbodo is a Global Citizen, Change Agent, Girls Advocate, SDGS Champion and Social Entrepreneur with experience in executing campaigns that promote transformational change for the next generation of girls and women. As the founder of Yara Shea Beauty, a social impact enterprise and simultaneously runs a nonprofit to Hope Dreams Initiative – Nguzo works tirelessly to solve big challenges, launch new projects and expand global common good through Yara Shea Beauty targeted empowerment programs for girls and women in Africa.

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saturday, july 8 - Charlotte, nc


Youmie Jean Francois is the Founder and CEO of Flex-N-Fly, a travel wellness company that provides stretching, yoga, and relaxation classes to anxious travelers before they board their flights at airports. As a digital nomad who speaks four languages and splits her time between New York City, Colombia, and wherever the wind takes her, Youmie created Flex-N-Fly from her vision of bridging travel and wellness. She is also the Founder & creative director of The Flex Bags.

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Lizzie's All natural Products

Lizzie’s All natural Products is a natural skincare company that focuses on individuals with sensitive skin and eczema. We also cater to people that simply want an overall healthier lifestyle.The initial motivation for starting this company is due to the founder, Christen and her struggles growing up with eczema. Our mission is to build self esteem and help people truly feel comfortable in the skin they are in by developing effective products with quality, natural and ethical ingredients.

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Mamie L. Pack Media

Dr. Mamie L. Pack is a military wife, momma, educator, and founder of Mamie L. Pack Media. Founded in 2018, Dr. Pack launched MLP Media creating stationery with purpose designed to help women prioritize their mental, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual well-being. With over 20 years experience leading, teaching, and mentoring, Dr. Pack uses her professional knowledge and personal experience  to disrupt the narrative telling women we must do more and be more in order to have worth or a meaningful life. Her stylish and functional stationery is designed for women of all ages and stages of life.

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Copy of mlp media_edited.jpg

VigorWicks Candle Co.

As a passionate creative with over 20+ years in various innovative industries, Lee began to create the brand that would become Vigorwicks in 2019. Vigorwicks lends itself to the appeal and personality of many homes by creating an experience for you through aromas strategically blended and guaranteed to ignite your senses. This is done by layering premium fragrance and essential oils with love and integrity.

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The Artsy Girl

Born and raised in small town South Carolina, Sharmequa Fennell-Franklin, better known as The Artsy Girl, works in corporate learning by day and creates “razzle dazzle” by night. She creates earrings, hair clips, and more from resin and custom glitter mixes ranging from neutral gold and silver to vibrant colors, and she dabbles in polymer clay and acrylic, as well. The married mother of one sells her creations in select storefront locations in the lowcountry, along with her online store and various artisan markets.

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Saturday, July 15 - houston, TX


Adaeze & Company LLC

Adaeze & Co. is a dynamic visionary brand that celebrates the beauty and vibrancy of Black culture through thoughtfully crafted art. Founded by a passionate creative, our brand is dedicated to empowering others by creating captivating illustrations that reflect the diversity and richness of the Black experience. With every piece created we strive to inspire individuals to embrace their unique identities, celebrate their heritage, and contribute to the cultural tapestry that unites us all.

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Wendy Rose Berry and Eugenia Marshall are LA-based entrepreneurs, mothers, and besties juggling and balancing corporate jobs while building an intimate skincare brand as co-founders of conditionHER. A serendipitous connection with a PhD level biochemist while vacationing led these longtime friends to develop a skincare product that helps address sensitive and intimate skin issues that most people are uncomfortable talking about.

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Headshot Photo_edited.jpg

The Violet Victoria

The Violet Victoria was founded by Mercedi Townsend when she decided to share the benefits of eliminating harmful chemicals from the home. All products and fragrances are inspired by Mercedi’s childhood with her beloved sister Violet and through her own self-care journey. The Violet Victoria’s products are all-natural based with sophisticated fragrances inspired by aromatherapy practices. These products create an easy way to practice self-care at home while also keeping your health in mind.

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Dejha B Coloring

Khadejha "Dejha B" Brunner is a multi-talented individual who wears many hats - she is the founder of Dejha B Coloring, a recording artist, and a Senior Business Analyst. Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, Dejha B discovered the power of art and entertainment as an escape from urban life. Inspired by the lack of inclusive representation in the adult coloring book market, she launched Dejha B Coloring in 2020. Her unique coloring books celebrate women and children of color, offering an empowering self-care tool.

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Copy of dejha b coloring_edited.jpg

Saturday, July 22 - Los Angeles, CA

Shemeka 3-300_edited.jpg

Be You Candles

Shemeka Wright, an entrepreneur and artist, is the owner of Be You Candles and Home Décor, not just a candle brand, an experience. The brand blends beautiful natural scents with a luxury design and unique décor to create a serene and relaxing environment that compliments your individual style.

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Dirt Don't Hurt

Dirt Don't Hurt is an all Natural Oral Care + Beauty & Body Care Brand focused on detoxification. All products are 100% Earth + Plant Based, Vegan and Cruelty Free. Only the best Activated Charcoal, Earth Clays, Essential Oils & Herbs are used. Activated Charcoal is an all natural Binder & Detoxifier. Dirt Don't Hurt is Woman owned, Black Owned & Sister owned. Their love for the planet and creating a healthy sustainable future for all, drives them to create fun, eco-friendly products to elevate your personal care routine. Sometimes you gotta get dirty to get clean!.

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IMG_20230117_171248 (1)_edited.jpg

LAMIK Beauty

Kim Roxie has been at the forefront of celebrating the beauty of multicultural women since she founded LAMIK in 2004 from her college apartment in Atlanta. Over the past 19 years, Kim has evolved from inspiring customers in her Houston retail store, to spreading her message nationally, and launching the first Black-owned clean makeup brand in ULTA, the largest beauty specialty retailer.

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Sunny and Ted

Creating inclusive home goods for memory making, SUNNY&TED is a homeware line with the goal of diversifying the products available to consumers. The product line includes tableware, blankets, ornaments, and pillows featuring Black people in beautiful shades of brown.


Jasmine is the Owner and Creative Visionary for SUNNY&TED and the mother of two little Black boys (a.k.a the inspiration behind the brand). Jasmine is honored to be disrupting the homegoods industry through products that Black people can use to elevate the vibes at home.

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los angeles

Thursday, July 27 - Atlanta, GA 

Andrea Harris-Lyons 2 2_edited.jpg

Anna + Pookie

Andrea Harris-Lyons founded ANNA+POOKIE after years of being disappointed with the lack of diversity in party supplies. For many years, she found it impossible to find party characters or themes that represent black and brown children. ANNA+POOKIE Party Supplies is the only black, woman-owned shop dedicated to providing party supplies created for children of color.

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Copper and Brass Paper Goods

Ariel cultivated a love for all things paper, details, and pretty little things as a child. While some teens work their first jobs as a babysitter or in fast food, Ariel wrapped gifts in a department store. Ariel started Copper & Brass Paper Goods in 2018 after noticing a lack of diversity in the paper goods industry. She started with wrapping paper and put her company on the map with a Black Santa gift wrap. From there, her business grew to an assortment of office supplies featuring Black imagery.

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Joy of Beauty


Joy A. Johnson is an author, a multi-licensed beauty expert, an award-winning diabetic-friendly product developer, and newly awarded SBA’s 2023 MD Woman Owned Small Business of the Year. Johnson is a sole proprietor of Nails & Faces of Joy, LLC, the parent co. of Joy of Beauty. She has been in the beauty business since 2007 and is a Global educator and Lic. Nail Tech specializing in Diabetic Pedicures and a Lic. Esthetician. She is a caretaker, product developer, and health advocate with a focus on the most fragile within our community.

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Mahogany Brown Candle Co.


Mahogany Brown Candle Co. is a black woman, and Veteran owned business hand-poured in Grayson, GA. Established in 2020, Deloyce, originally from Belize, Central America, and a US Army Veteran. She is a firm believer that scents are the triggers to memories, relaxation, comfort, and promotes anxiety reduction, which carries over to skincare as a self-care regimen. She has taken the time to carefully craft and test each of her formulas to ensure amazing scents, and extended burns, by using only natural products.

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Our Family's Doing Yoga


Author SonJoria Sydnor is an activist, yoga instructor, wife, mother, and educator passionate about social change in health and wellness. She has worked in classrooms and homes, educating students and parents for over a decade. 

SonJoria is a non-profit co-founder and the owner of Our Family's Doing Yoga, LLC. She uses her skills as a parent, educator, and certified yoga instructor to support and increase visibility of well-being for Black families through products, classes, workshops, podcasting and more."

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Perfectly Cordial


Rhonda Cammon is the CEO and founder of Perfectly Cordial. The multi-award-winning fruit-first beverage mixer makes inclusive drinking easy with a simple, foolproof recipe so that everyone can enjoy a craft beverage at home. As a registered nurse with over 20 years of experience, Rhonda has a passion for community with a focus on healthy consumption. She has created four distinctive food and beverage companies. Her latest venture OneShop is a maker-focused artisanal marketplace and incubator located in the heart of Nashville, Tenneesse.

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Rhonda Cammon Head shot_edited.jpg
BP Headshot 20231_edited.jpg

Sainte Nèl


Bethany J. Peak is the founder of Sainte Nèl, a non-toxic nail care and wellness company, committed to helping you cultivate strong nails and healthy hands. Prior to starting Sainte Nèl, Bethany was an attorney who represented Fortune 500 companies in civil actions. She left the full-time practice of law after experiencing a health crisis due to severe burnout. A self-described "recovering workaholic", Bethany is on a mission to support other entrepreneurs as they grow their businesses while encouraging them to prioritize their personal wellbeing.

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The 125 Collection


Founder, Valerie Wray, originally from Louisville, KY is a city girl with a southern soul. She has lived in NYC for over 20 years where she has grown from a Bluegrass belle to a Harlem urbanista. NYC is Valerie's platform of inspiration where she infuses the energy, attitude, grit and glamour of the city into a relatable luxury candle brand. Luxury goods shouldn't be reserved for just a select few and she reimagines what luxury looks like by creating products that are premium yet approachable and inspirational.

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