31 days ago you said...

You know how excite we get. That whole "New Year, New Me" thing.

You made that vision board. Downloaded the Buy from a Black Woman Intention Worksheet and had it all filled out. Had a whole grand plan for how you were going to tackle your business, fitness and personal goals.

You still on track?

I know there are some things I did.

Some things I didn’t.

Some things I could use help on.

But that is why having a circle is important .

Having a community is important.

Having an accountability partner is important.

Having somebody be your mirror, that’s super important.

Join us Thursday, Feb. 1, 7 pm EST as we sit down and remember what we said, discuss what we could do better and help each other make a plan on how to tackle our Febuary goals.

The people you surround yourself with become mirrors for who you are and how much or how little you want for yourself.

Let’s reflect off each other.

You can register here to receive your 31 Day Accountable Worksheet. (Worksheets will be emailed out the morning of the chat and will be used during the chat.)

This is a guided conversation so please be prepare to share and share and share.

Questions, slide into our inbox: info ((at))buyfromablackwoman.org

See you Thursday!




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