Back to School Shopping Tips for Parents

This is a contributing writer post from Takiia L. Anderson.

It's Back to School Shopping Time!

Back to school shopping tips would have come in handy when I was in my stages of back to school shopping. I dreaded taking my daughter back to school shopping and the shock of the money I would have to spend.

Every year she spent the summers with her dad. Being a single mother, I realized how much money I spent “Bacl to School” shopping on my daughter. One year I thought I had done a great because the items I bought were on "sale." I spent about $400.

Fast Forward two months later, everything was tooo small.

So much for that “sale”

Since then I’ve learned some trick to the trade and wanted to share my knowledge so you too can be great.

Tip #1: Buy Clothes After Labor Day

You might be tempted to start shopping in August. Retailers know this and will try to woo you in with their sales but DON'T go for it.

Wait until September or later.

September, retaliers are looking to phase out old inventory. This is when the real asles happen. Maybe grab one or two outfits if they must stun for the gram on the first day, but wait till later in the year to stock up on things like shirts and jeans. You’r pockets will thank you.

Tip #2: Do an Inventory of Existing Wardrobe

Shop in your closet!

When my daughter was in school I would do an inventory of her jeans and t-shirts. I would do this inventory BEFORE even thinking about going shopping. If she had enough items to wear, we would wait to shop. I mean, who remebers what jeans she wore last year?

Tip #3: Buy from a Black Woman!

You don't always have to shop online to get the best deals. This also means that you can get statement pieces that will help your child stand out. Places like Power in Black Tees & Fly Nerd Apparel are just a few businesses owned by Black Women that have shirts that will allow your child to go back to school in style.

Happy shopping!

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