Be nice to yourself this summer

We have about 3 weeks until the first day of summer. Drake’s #NiceForWhat has officially become the Summer 2k18 theme for a lot of us, including me.

Here are five things to help keep your mental health a priority this summer.


No. Nope. Nah. Nee. Neutch. Non. Nei. Nao. Ni. Nit Nit.

That's 10 different ways in 10 different languages to say NO this summer. And say it without an explanation. The importance of 'NO' revolves around knowing your triggers. Everyone wants to show off, ball out, and flex for the gram in their latest. But know when you have reached the maximum energy expenditure for the day. You do not have to attend every single 'All White Party


You may not have met your body #goals in time, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your summer! Celebrate yourself EVERYDAY. Often times we forget to do this, and it can cause us to be harsher on ourselves than we should be. Remember, that we are only halfway thru a man-made calendar year, and while folks may be bragging about their accomplishments, it is perfectly alright if all you are doing is breathing.


Be and live in the moment! Daydream, pray, laugh, chase butterflies, or people watch. Find some time to go for a walk. Re-align yourself while in that space with what you love, and you may just be surprised. Who knows, you may even re-ignite a fire you didn't know died out.


Discover what is going on in your own city. Find something new to do every weekend. Eventbrite has been my go to for free events, networking parties, and celebrations in the park. Or go somewhere alone. Social media can have you thinking you constantly be around a group of folks doing the latest dance craze to have an unforgettable summer. You don’t.


Create a FIRE. ASS. PLAYLIST. I'm talking about a playlist that'll have you ready to ride, windows down with no destination in sight. A good drive can sometimes be therapeutic. So what better way to practice mindfulness and staying present than raising your vibes with some feel good tunes. *cues Int’l Playas Anthem* Need ideas? Check out one of the Buy from a Black Woman Playlist on Spotify!

So while you are pulling out sun dresses & coochie-cuttas, counting down to summer concerts, block parties, and beard brunches, remember to hold on to your high vibrational energy Sis.

Love & Light,


Gee is a contribution author of the Buy from a Black Woman Blog

When Gee isn't standing around waiting for Lauyrn Hill to show up or at some Country Bar in Texas line dancing to 'My Achy Breaky Heart", she is aiding the Black Community in individual & collective healing through mental health education and transformation coaching. For more information about Gee and her services visit