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Buy From A Black Woman Business Awards 2022: Black Women Deserve Gold

On Saturday, November 19, 2022, we recognized Black Women Business Owners for excellence at the Buy From A Black Woman Business Awards. This was more than an awards ceremony, it was a time for us to come together to hold each other up and celebrate Black Women in all of their glory. So of course our theme for the event was Black Women Deserve Gold.

“Part of what we do at Buy From A Black Woman is hold Black Women up for the world to see our brilliance. And we provide a space where founders can be unapologetic about their excellence because they’re succeeding against all odds and doing the impossible,” shares our Founder Nikki Porcher. “Why should they have to be humble about that?” she adds.

And Black Women showed up the way only Black Women can! It was full house, we cried many tears because this was the first time we got to have the awards in-person. And our favorite comedian Chanel Ali MCed and kept us laughing all night, while the talented DJ Rasyrious kept us on our feet. She even played Golden by Jill Scott!Everybody had a good time!

We’re proud to announce the 2022 Buy From A Black Woman Businesses Of The Year:

Special thanks and congratulations to our Community Winners:

  • Business Partner Of The Year: H&M US

  • Volunteer Of The Year: Sierra Grigsby

  • Community Business Partner Of The Year: She Prints It!

And We’re Grateful For This Special Moment…

During the event, our founder was able to acknowledge and pay homage to her Grandmother Idella, the person she named the "Della Award" after. Ms Idella, a skilled seamstress, baker and chef, is the first entrepreneur that Nikki ever knew and she’s been a big inspiration and supporter on her journey. Ms Idella received an honorary award for being a Living Example. It was a beautiful moment.

Learn more about the 2022 Buy From A Black Woman Business Awards by downloading our memorabilia e-book.

Don’t Forget To Buy From A Black Woman

The awards ceremony was a major highlight of Buy From A Black Woman Awareness Month, which began on November 1st. November 19th was Buy From A Black Woman Awareness Day, but throughout the month we’ve been spotlighting Black Women Business Owners and bringing awareness to their work.

You can get involved by following our campaign and picking a Black Woman Business Owner (or several!) to support. Remember, the one way to have a definite impact is to #BuyFromABlackWoman.

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Nantale Muwonge
Nantale Muwonge
Nov 21, 2022

Still buzzing from this event! Thank you for celebrating us! 🙏🏿😭

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