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Exposure isn't a form of Currency.

Let’s chat.⁠

We all know the importance of forming relationships and partnerships.⁠

And when you’re first starting out, you need to do a few things to get your name, your brand, yourself out there.⁠

And doing things here and there as a way to give back is great and amazing and something you should put into your long-term business practices. ⁠

Cool, chill.⁠

But, please remember,⁠

chill don’t pay the bills.⁠

Exposure bucks need to add up. ⁠

There are professional ways to ensure that when you’re being offered “exposure”, there is social proof to back it up.⁠

Make sure you’re not being taking advantage of. ⁠

Need a professional way to handle these request?

When approached ask questions like, :How measurable is this exposure and on what timeline can you deliver?"

Then ask them to quantify that into an actual monetary value.

After they put a price on it, let them know that’s your price.

I’m pretty sure they will start rethinking how work, works.

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