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Five Black Women Serving Tea...

Who doesn’t love some good tea? It’s even better when it’s coming from a Black Woman.

We’ve round up a list of 5 Black Women Tea Companies you can shop with right now without ever leaving the house.

Ivy’s Tea Co.

Shane J. founded Ivy’s Tea Co. after seeing that none of the tea companies she supported, showed their support for anyone who looked like her. Merging her professional Herbal experience with her love for Hip-Hop, Ivy’s Tea is attracting the culture while keeping them educated. With names like “Red Bone” and “Clout” this Hip-Hop Inspire Herbal Tea Brand is guarantee to have you bobbing your head off the richness of every sip.


Ivy’s Tea Co. is the 2016 Buy From A Black Woman Business Grant Recipient. Shop now and save 15% off your order when you use code “ABlackWoman” at checkout.

Calabash Tea & Tonic

Sunyatta trained as a 5th generation master herbalist and later as a Naturopath - learning the medicinal value of global teas, foods & spices. With a majority of her tea & coffee blends rooted in our grandmothers' time-tested recipes, Calabash Tea & Tonic is here to help decolonize your tongue while helping you to heal.


The Black Leaf Tea & Culture Shop

After working all day as a University Sports Manager, Amber would end her day by blending her own soothing teas. It wasn’t until she realized that her notebook of inspiration and tea formulas might actually be a business. Her company,The Black Leaf Tea & Culture Shop serves double duty as a social cause to help inspire children in her neighbor of what is possible when you follow your dreams.


Sista Teas

Have you ever wanted to go into business with your sister? Growing up in a Caribbean household, these two sister were always together and always drinking tea. Sista Teas offers a variety of loose-leaf tea blends and that will help satisfy your tea sipping needs.


The TwenTea Company

WyKisha founded The TwenTea Company after suffering from the loss of her brother’s suicide. Coping with depression herself, her company’s creed #HaveTeaWithMe is used as way to encourage meaningful connections over a hot cup of tea. The TwenTea Company is committed to supporting suicide care. 20% of our company's profits are donated toward raising awareness for suicide prevention and supporting organizations involved in suicide care.


All businesses featured are part of The Buy From A Black Woman Online Directory. When you support one Black Woman Business Owner, you support a whole community.

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