Five different Sales approaches to use when trying to sale your products to the public...

We all want people to buy our products.

But do you know how to properly sale them?

Here are five different Sales approaches to use when trying to sale your products to the public.

Solution Selling Solution Selling involves asking questions and actively listening to the customer to understand what challenges they face. It is only then that you have a idea of what and how you can be of help.

The Friend Approach The Friend Approach isn’t for everyone. This involves connecting on an emotional level. We all ain’t able. You must be genuine. Again, if you ain’t about that life, don’t use this one.

The Expert Approach Being an expert comes with time. This isn’t going to happen over night. You must study your craft, be able to answer all questions that come with it and even answers the ones nobody ever thought to ask. When done correctly, the possibilities to scale your business in different areas become endless.

The Consultative Approach In consultative selling is combo of all three previous mentions. This is more of a long game approach and helps build your cred. Remember in this approach they might not buy today, but when they do they will never leave.

The Customer Personality Approach Your customer tells you what approach works best. Being able to know what type of personality your customer is, is the key to this approach. Try to get a feel of their energy and personality type and then match where they are.

Are you using any of these approaches? Which one works best for you? Which one are you going to try out? Let us know in the comments.