Get comfortable with selling.

On the second day of business, Buy from a Black Woman told me...

Get comfortable with selling.

A lot of you are marketing your products and services but you also need to sale them.

It won’t do you any good if you don’t have the skills to sell your product or service when the time comes.

Selling is focused on the product or service you are offering while marketing focuses on the consumer need.

The thing a lot of new entrepreneurs make the mistake of is confusing how they market their business with how they make sales for their business. It’s different but it’s the same.

I know, stay with me.

Marketing is about crafting your message, what font to you use, color scheme,

making sure your website is up.

Sales is about making sure somebody sees and buys what you just marketed to them.

Here are five simples’ steps to help walk you through the sales process:

1. Engage.

You can’t sell to a customer if you’re not talking to them.

2. Establish Trust.

Trust is built through back and forth communication (you do this with step 1). When a client trusts you, they will open up about some things they may or may not like, not like, used before.

3. Address Concerns.

You let them know you were here. You had an open conversation where you made sure to listen to what they said. Now you let them how you heard what they said and you start to…

4. Demonstrate Value

Show them how valuable your product/services. What are the benefits? How it can help address the concerns you leaned about in step 3.But you want to make sure you always

5. Close Organically.

Don’t be pushy. They trust you; you let them know who you are and what you do. They might not buy today but make sure you have their contact information. Follow up. They may not buy but tell a friend who will.


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