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Give your ideas attention in 2022

While working on our 2021 end of year wrap up, we came across an Instagram post from September.

Buy From A Black Woman was just an idea. Everything we’ve accomplished this year all started with being an idea. Creating a whole month to celebrate Black Women to reminding Black Woman that they deserve to be celebrated even our latest Holiday Market presented by H&M, they were all ideas we gave attention to.

These ideas made way for more ideas, for more dreams…for more.

If you’ve learned anything from me, from being part of the Buy From A Black Woman community it is my hope that you’ve learned that:

Thoughts + Words + Actions = Results

If you have an idea, give it life with saying the words aloud. Put action behind the words and I promise you every time you will get the results.

Thank you for giving my ideas, the ideas of Buy From A Black Woman attention.

Thank you for giving attention to Black Women.

Here's to bigger ideas and more attention in 2022.

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