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Welcome To Buy From A Black Woman

Black Women have been leading the numbers when it comes to starting a business... but annual sales for Black Women Business Owners are five times smaller than all Women-owned businesses due to lack of support and awareness. That’s where Buy from a Black Woman comes in. Since 2016, Buy From A Black Woman has empowered, educated, and inspired Black Women business owners and the people who support them. Buy from a Black Woman ensures that Black Women have the tools and resources that will allow them to be successful. Through educational programs, an online directory, and funding, Buy from a Black Woman continues to grow as a trusted resource that helps Black Women in business.

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a number of other different ways.


Looking for ways to “Buy From a Black Woman”?

Check out the official Buy from a Black Woman Online Directory. Here you can find hundreds of businesses that are owned and operated by Black Women.


From our learning classes over on to in person

and online events and classes with our community.


We're gathering updated information on the specific challenges Black Women Business Owners have faced during COVID-19 and the social justice uprising, and to ask about their needs.

This research can inform policies, programs and support mechanisms that empower Black Women Business Owners. And ultimately our goal is for all stakeholders to be able to foster their growth and success, and to contribute to inclusive economic development overall.

Our study will also amplify Black Women’s voices and help us collectively move towards a more equitable business landscape.

Shop Our Inspire Store

Inspire others to support and buy from Black Women. Grab your official Buy From A Black Woman merchandise in our Inspire Shop.


Share these graphics or take a snapshot of you and your Buy From A Black Woman Awareness Button on social media to help us spread the support for Black Women Business Owners. (Click on image below to expand; then right click or screenshot and save image to use.) Make sure to tag us and use the hashtag #BuyFromABlackWoman

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