Instagram Highlight Covers using Canva

1. Open Canva and select “Your Story”

Open the Canva app on your phone. On top you will see a number of different designs you can make. For Instagram select “Your Story”. This will load templates for Insta Stories.

This will also be good to use for the future when creating IG Stories on the fly.

(This is a simple step by step to get you started. Please experiment and try different templates that work best for you and your company.)

2. Choose a background color

If you clicked on blank template you can change he color as your background or you can pick one they have listed.

At the bottom of the screen you’ll see different colors, Press “+” and choose your own color.

You can also type your own color code that is unique to your brand.

3. Choose an icon or add text

Now that you have a background color, you can add an graphic, emoji or text. Or all three!

For this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to add an icon. If you want me to show you other designs with photos and text, let me know and I’ll make another tutorial.

(Pause: If you are looking to create your graphic in a different program, the size requirement is 1080x1920 pixels.)

Back to Canva…

To add an icon to your cover:

· Select the “+” button on the bottom right corner of your screen

· Select “Graphics”

· You can scroll to discover all the graphics they have, or you can search for a specific icon.

· Press on the icon you want to use for your cover

· Choose the color of your icon

4. Add pages to design more covers

You can continue to design more covers for your Insta Story Highlight.

· Press on the “+” button on the bottom right corner of your screen

· Select “Pages”

Design another cover with another icon. Repeat the process to design more covers.

5. Save the images on your phone

Once you are done, you can save your Insta Story covers on your phone.

· Press “Share”

· Select “Quick Look” (iPhone) or “Upload to Photos” (Android)

· Press the export icon (bottom left corner)

· Select “Save image”

6. Make sure you turn on the Insta Story “Archive”

Before you share your covers on Instagram, make sure you turn on the “Archive” feature.

· Go in your Instagram settings

· Select “Story Settings”

· Turn on “Save to archive”

7. Post on your Insta Story

You have to do this step in order to set a cover for your Highlight. Your covers need to be added in your Insta Stories first, before you can use them as covers. (You can not delete them after you add them. Let them cook.)

· Share your covers in your Insta Story

· Press on the “Highlight” button

Now you have 2 options:

1. Create a new Highlight

2. Add cover to an existing Highlight

If you already have an existing Highlight, select the one that needs the cover.

This is how you create an Insta Story Highlight:

8. Create an Insta Story Highlight

· Select the “+” button

· Give a name to your Highlight

Your new Insta Story Highlight will appear at the bottom of your Instagram bio.

9. Edit the cover

You can edit the cover:

· Hold your finger pressed on a Highlight (a circle)

· Select “Edit Highlight”

· Select “Edit Cover”

Here you can change cover images. And you can also resize your cover image. For example, if your icon is too small in the circle, zoom in with your fingers to make it bigger.

And that’s it! Hopeful this made sense, if not hit me on the hip. I’ll be more than happy to walk you step by step.