Netflix and Work...

If your anything like me, the fact the Living Single is on Hulu has made your January. Binge watching has become such a habit of mine that I wouldn’t know what to do if I had to actually wait for next week to find out what happens. Lucky for me I also know how to multitask…sometimes. I mean do you have any idea what this type of downtime can do to an entrepreneur's productivity? A lot of nothing!

So recently I figured out three things I can do for my business while watching a whole season of my favorite show.

1. Schedule and draft your Social Media Post.

Sunday is my day for putting all of my social media post in a folder. It saves me so much time during the week! I know that every morning there will be a Buy from a Black Woman “Morning Word” and an “Empowerment Tip of the Day”. Doing these ahead of time saves me time without the “Oh snap” of getting them together on the fly. Also, Facebook also me to schedule my post ahead of time. I use this as a reminder to post on other social media platforms. Is there something that you do weekly that you can cut down and do all on one day?

2. Cyber Stalk

The P.C. term/phrase of this would be “Look for inspiration” but, nah. My name is Nikki and I am a cyber stalker. Most of the time when I am binge watching there are moments when the ADHD kicks in and I need to pick up my phone to do something. I use this time to discover new hashtags I should follow, find pages that I might like, or read up on other tips that will help me build Buy from a Black Woman. Also, Instagram stories. I will watch all of the Instagram stories while watching television.

3. Sketch out new ideas

As a creative, inspiration can happen whenever, wherever. If I am not on my phone, I have a paper and a pencil/pen in my hand. Although I am watching TV, I never know what triggers will hit and give me something I can use later. I often find myself writing down quotes from shows. I mean how many great one- liners have you heard while watching “How to get away with murder?” I have a whole notebook filled. Thanks Shonda for the inspiration!

Did I miss anything? What are some things you do while binge watching your favorite shows?