On the first day of business…

A professional email address!

Your email address is a significant overall picture of your identity & credibility. Yes, having a Google, yahoo, or a dozen of that offer free and convenient email on the web is…free and convenient…but having an email address connected to your business website shows another level of being a business professional. After all you are a business owner.

Here are three tips to help you get started.

1. Having your own email reflects your credibility.

buyfromablackwoman@gmail doesn’t hold the same weight as info@buyfromablackwoman. Having an email address linked with a prominent company that doesn’t belong to you lack uniqueness since anybody can sign up for one.

BFABW Tip. I own both of these. Make sure you own your name everywhere. That way nobody else can claim your shit.

2. Leave the Nicknames for you people

Yeah, you’re a chocolate drop, but who needs to knows that when they are trying to contact you about your services?

This also goes with numbers…unless it is part of your business.

3. Names for certain purposes.

Info@yourcompany or support@yourcompany will not only help you stay organize but will also help our customer know where and who to contact.

When you first get your website, you are presented with the option to connect an email account. Always take this option. You are now a business owner and need to start acting as one. Going forward everything is a reflection of you and your business. Including your email.

Now, I know some of you are like "What if I don’t have a website?"

Simple. Get a website. (Buying domains are very cheap and reasonable at this point.)

Even if you just have a splash page up that redirects to your etsy or whatever, get that email address.

It will make a difference.

Questions or need help getting started.

Contact us.