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Opening Doors | Sister Social Circle

Sister Social Circle was created to give Black Women who didn’t know each other an opportunity to get to know each other. ⁣

Yesterday, on International (Black) Woman’s Day 20 Black Women Business Owners shared space to meet, connect and just show each other love. ⁣

To celebrate us. ⁣

Many thanks to:⁣

To Just Add Honey.⁣

To @95thStreetTacos for the amazing bites.⁣

To Ivy's Tea Co., TaupeCoat, The Precious Home for sharing their gift so that we could have items to put in the gift bags. ⁣

To the Buy from a Black Woman Volunteers & intern for being an extra set of hands and eyes.⁣

And to all the Black Women who attended in person, in spirit and online. ⁣

Nothing Buy from a Black Woman does would be possible if it wasn’t for your support. ⁣


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