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because herbs come from the earth...

Natural. Real. Black Women Owned. Here are a few businesses from the Buy From A Black Woman Online Directory that you cans support, while supporting the earth.

Herbal Accession

On a mission to teach the community the importance of self-sufficiency when it comes to taking care of one's own health and wellness. Currently provides organic and handmade products that promote wellness, peace of mind, and self-care.

Green Heffa Farms

A boutique organic, regenerative farm that specializes in growing medicinal plants and herbs. Renowned for its delicious and beneficial herbal teas and seasonal herbs to be used in home apothecary needs, the farm is a certified B Corp that grows with the utmost respect for the environment.

Healthy on You

A passion for healthy cooking inspired the development of this organic spice and salt blend line. A love of music inspired the Edible Playlist, a trio of spices that’s perfect for the cooks and music lovers in your life.


A pop culture and Hip-Hop inspired holistic health brand making herbal tea and honey from organic and locally sourced farms for the culture. Drink tea like an adult.

The Herbal Scoop

The Herbal Scoop and its farm were created as a portal to reclaim our herbal ancestral practices. Sells herbal teas, elixirs, and other self-care items. Their goal is to inspire you to eat more plants and drink more leaves!

The Black Leaf Tea and Culture Shop

A tea company that uses products to engage the community and celebrate Black culture.

Perfectly Cordial

Premium cocktail, mocktail, and craft soda mixer made with handpicked fresh fruits and spices.

Joy & Magic Curated Teas

While tea is inherently healthy, their carefully curated collection complements health benefits & more. From each tea's name to its composition, Joy & Magic is steeped with purpose. Whether wellness, taste or the recipes to Take Your Tea Up a Level, Joy & Magic delivers just what the name says.

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Cee Stanley
Cee Stanley
20 apr 2023

Thank you so much for including us! Green Heffa Farms

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