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Say Hello To Black Women!

In the world where Black Women are told they are never enough. When we are taught that we have to work twice as hard to get the same amount. Where equal pay is a pipe dream. Here at Buy From A Black Woman we make sure to do all we can to ensure that Black Women are seen, heard, and supported.

This month, we celebrate Black Women's History month and the Black Women who continue to make history on their journey to small business success.

Say Hello to...

Sharmequa Franklin

Founder of The Artsy Girl, a handcrafted jewelry and hair accessories business whose products are created to inspire women to feel fabulous with just the right amount of sparkle.

Shemeka Wright

Founder of Be You Candles, vibrant selection of handmade, coconut and soy blended, candles and wax melts that brings energy to lighten and brighten any space.

Mamie Pack

Founder of MLP Media, a stylish stationery for the do less, live more woman.

Kim Johnson

Founder of The Professional Hoodrat, the clever streetwear brand for women that are thriving in Corporate America but still love Trap Music.

Bethany JP

Founder of Sainte Nèl, luxury nail lacquer for women who love life and work everyday to become better versions of themselves.

Tonya Cross

Founder of Accented Glory, a handcrafted accessory brand with a specialty in natural hair accessory and Afrocentric jewelry designs.

Nicole Spencer

Founder of Jomazan, handbags with an artistic twist!

Marie Davis

Founder of Ria's Beauty Collection, skincare and haircare products for those experiencing difficulties with skin and hair issues.

Chellbee Johnson

Founder of Chellbee Christian Stationery, designed to help you live out the word in your life.

Tamala Austin

Founder of J.I.V.E. Juice Company, a popular healthy lifestyle company on a mission to make juicing fun.

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