What's your story?

Spotted during the BFABW Inspire Tour

The word “community” has always been an important one to me. It’s my focus word this year. When I think of Black Women and this organization, I think in terms of community. How can I serve my community? How can I help my community grow? Am what I doing adding value and purpose? We all have so many different backgrounds but here we are together as a community. There are some new level, next phase things happening here with Buy From a Black Woman. A lot of things, but...it’s going to take the community to help get it there. As we grow we must never lose sight that we are in this together. We as black women have to stand together. But we need to understand each other. So, I, we, need to hear from you. The community needs to hear your story. I want to know...”Why is it important for you to be a Black Woman Business Owner?” What’s your story?

Email us note (contributor@buyfromablackwoman.org) or create a video clip to be featured. We want to hear from you.