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The buy from a Black Woman holiday market 2023

All events run 11am to 4pm local time.

Los angeles

10250 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90067

Saturday, November 25
Mahogany Brown Candle Co. | Sainte Nèl 

Sunny & Ted LAMIK Beauty | The Artsy Girl

Saturday, December 2
Be You Candles | Natural Radiant Life | conditionHER

The Pink Bakery Mamie L. Pack Media | Flex-N-Fly

new york city

1472 Broadway, New York, NY 10036

Saturday, December 9⁠
Corage Dolls⁠ | Vigorwicks Candle Co. | Dejha B Coloring |
Safo Hair | Anna & Pookie | Lizzie's All-natural Products

Saturday, December 16⁠:
The 125 Collection | Perfectly Cordial⁠ | Sibahle Teas⁠ | Effie's Paper | DMC Original Art | Yara Shea Beauty


1380 Atlantic Drive NW, Atlanta, GA 30363

Saturday, December 16⁠:
Beutee Bath and Body |⁠ Copper and Brass Paper Goods

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