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Tune in to for the series of monthly classes offered by the Black Woman Business Owners of the Buy From A Black Woman community. Interested in catching these classes live? Check out the events calendar for upcoming dates and times.

The ABCs of Order Fulfillment with Bethany JP of JP Operations

Airs every second Sunday at 6pm ET.

Bethany JP is the founder and co-owner of JP Operations. She describes herself as a sister, daughter, rich auntie, aspiring philanthropist, and most importantly, a Black Woman. Along with JP Operations, Bethany also owns Taupe Coat, a vegan nail care brand that is the reigning BFABW Beauty Business of the Year (2 years in a row!). Bethany is a former attorney who left the practice of law to pursue her dreams of running her business and being her own boss. Her favorite thing about JP Operations is that every day, she gets to help other women entrepreneurs do the thing they love.

Your Money & Your Business with Tuesday P. Brooks of AJOY.

Airs every fourth Tuesday at 7pm ET.

Tuesday P. Brooks, MBA a trusted tax & accounting advisor, educator, and founder of AJOY, a financial management firm that transforms women-led businesses. She has a vision to accelerate growth of financially-sound woman-led companies that employ. As such, Tuesday works tirelessly providing direction to aspiring entrepreneurs on how to start and grow. Her keen knowledge around accounting for small business makes bookkeeping, tax compliance, credit readiness, and cashflow management accessible to early-stage and microenterprise business owners.

Do Less and Live More with Dr. Mamie L. Pack

Airs every third Thursday at 7pm ET.

Dr. Mamie L. Pack is a military wife, momma, educator, and owner of Mamie L. Pack Media. She created MLP to disrupt the narrative telling women we must do more and be more in order in order to have worth or a meaningful life. Using her professional knowledge and personal experience, Mamie creates stationery with purpose to help women live a lifestyle of wholeness. Her stylish stationery is designed for women of all ages and stages of life.

Mamie received her BA in English Communication, a MEd in Divergent Learning, and PhD in Education focused on mentoring. She has over 20 years experience leading, teaching, and mentoring.

Can I Trademark That? with
Nicole Gaither, Trademark & IP Lawyer

Airs every third Tuesday.

Nicole Gaither is a Partner with Sage Haus Legal and practices in the fields of copyright and trademark prosecution, enforcement, and monetization. She has demonstrated experience in prosecuting domestic trademark and copyright applications, providing brand protection through trademark monitoring, reviews of refusals, responses to refusals, and assessing potential marks for use and availability. She has helped numerous businesses protect their trademarks from unauthorized use. She counsels clients on all aspects of domestic and global trademark matters, including the selection and clearance of marks, clearance and prosecution, brand management, and enforcement in the U.S. and abroad.

Accountability Sunday with
Shanae Jones of Flyest

Airs every first Sunday at 10am ET.

Shanae Jones is an herbalist and the founder of FLYEST, the Hip-Hop inspired tea company. Shanae is a certified herbalist, has a BA in English Literature and MA in Multi-Ethnic Literature. She launched her business in 2016, while working full-time for a non-profit. In order to scale what was a side hustle at the time to a full-time job for her, Shanae had to overcome a huge issue for her: procrastination. Over the years, she has worked on her craft of business ownership and time management, identifying several methods of goal setting, problem solving, planning, forecasting, and more to help her create systems that help her grow and scale her business.

Real Talk :: The Elements of A Product Based Business with Kalyn Johnson Chandler

Airs every fourth Friday at 12:15pm ET.

Kalyn Johnson Chandler is the founder and CEO of Effie’s Paper :: Stationery& Whatnot, a lifestyle accessories company offering an on-trend, curated selection of stylish desk, stationery, travel and gift accessories that serve as daily reminders for womxn everywhere to embrace their magic at every turn. Kalyn is a former corporate attorney who left the practice of law and dove head first into her first love, all things paper. Effie’s Paper sells direct to consumer but also has a thriving wholesale business with their products in 400+ independent retailers across the US, Canada and Haiti.  Additionally, in 2022, Effie’s Paper designed an exclusive collection of notebooks that were sold in 200 select Walmart stores.  Kalyn has a wealth of knowledge about running a products based business, marketing a products-based business and selling products at pop-up shops.  Her course, will help to de-mystify what it takes to start and sustain a successful product-based business.

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