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A seven week training program for Black Women Business Owners seeking to get a better understanding of current social, financial and environmental concerns that

affect their businesses.  


During this program Black Women Business Owners will learn and in real time develop best use practices to incorporate in their current business models. 

This program mimics a cohort model and covers the business topics that will help Black Women Business Owner in understand and effectively execute marketing and communications plans.


The Black Woman Business Accelerator Program will include presentations and classes by industry leaders, investors and peer entrepreneurs. 


Classes Start Wednesday, September 29, 2021.

The Black Woman Business Accelerator Program is a virtual program that operates from Wednesday, September 29, through November 3, 2021,

with a final presentation on November 10, 2021,

7 consecutive Wednesday evenings.


Black Women Business Owners will be expected to attend all

sessions and complete accompanying session assignments.

100% class attendance is required to be consider for the sustainability grant.

when you support a black woman business owner, you support a whole community.