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Accountability Sunday with Shanae Jones of Flyest

Sun, Jun 04


Accountability Sunday with Shanae Jones of Flyest

Date & Time

Last available date

Jun 04, 10:00 AM EDT – Jun 05, 10:30 AM EDT

About the Presenter

Shanae Jones is an herbalist and the founder of FLYEST, the Hip-Hop inspired tea company. Shanae is a certified herbalist, has a BA in English Literature and MA in Multi-Ethnic Literature. She launched her business in 2016, while working full-time for a non-profit. In order to scale what was a side hustle at the time to a full-time job for her, Shanae had to overcome a huge issue for her: procrastination. Over the years, she has worked on her craft of business ownership and time management, identifying several methods of goal setting, problem solving, planning, forecasting, and more to help her create systems that help her grow and scale her business.

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