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5 Things Shoppers Should Do Before The Holiday Season Starts

The holiday shopping season is getting longer and longer, this year it started in August! As consumers, this gives us more time to research what we want to buy and spread our shopping out over a couple of months. But it also means that we’re constantly bombarded with deals, which can be a little overwhelming. Here are some shopping tips to help streamline your research process, especially if you’re a conscious shopper who’s very intentional about how you spend your money.

1. Research Conscious Alternatives

Make a list of the gifts you wish you received last year, and gifts that caught your attention as good options for friends, co-workers and love ones. Now, find a Black Woman Business Owner who has comparable products and shop with her instead.

Black Women founders make just $24,000 on average, in comparison to the $143,900 that other women founders make. By making conscious swaps over the busiest shopping season, you can help address this disparity by hopefully becoming a loyal customer.

2. Sign Up For Small Business Mailing Lists

Now's the time to subscribe to newsletters and emails lists because when small businesses have presales, deals and coupons etc., they usually share them via email first. Plus you may get a coupon for simply signing up.

Watch your email carefully and be on the lookout for early releases, low stock warnings and other information that'll make shopping easier.

3. Follow Your Favorite Businesses on Social Media

If you aren't already following your favorite small businesses on social media, add them to your feed. Follow, subscribe, add them to your favorites etc. so that you don't miss out on announcements that they might share exclusively to social media.

This also means you'll get notifications for live shopping events and be able to shop socially without even leaving the apps.

4. Check Shipping and Return Policies

Check your favorite stores’ shipping and return polices. We already know shipping can be unpredictable over the holidays, so why not give yourself some extra time to place your orders and send out any returns before you’re really going to need the products?

Also, keep in mind that there are real people behind these businesses and the holiday rush can make things crazy on the backend, so extend them some grace.

5. Tap In To Your Community

Reach out to the charities and nonprofit organizations in your neighborhood to see what their needs are over the holidays and for the coming year. You might come across a deal that they could use while you’re out shopping, or if they accept goods, you can just up buy the sale items for them (which is a bonus because you get the rewards points, tax write-off and good karma).

Another option is setting aside some of your spending money for donations. Making a gift of a donation gives the charity the option of deciding how to spend those funds for themselves.

What’s Your Holiday Shopping Plan?

What are some things that you do before the holiday shopping season starts? Leave a comment and let me know. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss any important announcements on our Holiday Market.

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