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A note from our founder...

Dear Buy from a Black Woman Community,

As our community and surrounding small businesses start to feel the direct impact of Coronavirus, I wanted to take some time to share with you a few words to let you know, we are here with you.

To Our Black Women Business Owners:

With so many things shutting down and getting canceled, it may be hard to see it, but...we need you to keep going. As a business owner, you decided to create something because you saw a lack. You wanted to fill a void.

Use this down time to revamp your business plan, work on your website, draft up new ideas and projects or just simply rest.

But, never lose sight on why you started.

(If you hadn’t already, I suggest you send a quick email out to your customers & clients letting them know how your business is handling the current events. If there are any changes happening, new safety steps you have put in place, delay shipping times, online meetings vs. meeting in person, etc.)

To Our Black Women Business Supporter:

Keep shopping local and supporting Black Women Business Owners. Remember to check with the Buy from a Black Woman Online Directory when looking for items. These are the times that small businesses really need your support. These are the times when being a conscious consumer really counts.

As our economy takes a turn, remember what matters most….your peace, your health and your safety.

Sending love and energy to you, your families and your businesses,

Nikki Porcher, Founder

Buy From a Black Woman

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