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Are you really washing your hands?

Are you washing you hands?

And I don’t mean just with soap and water.

Although, that is very important...

Matter fact, do that now & also, disinfect your phone.

But, are you washing your hands of people, places and things that no longer help you and your business grow?

As Black Women Business Owners, we sometimes “say” we are done with something but didn’t spend enough time washing our hands of it.

You have to cleanse it out of your life properly.

Otherwise it will stay on you.

Showing up when you don’t want them, when you don’t need them.

These are called distractions and their main purpose is to take you away from your goals.

They grab your attention and then you are looking at it. Trying to figure out how and why it is there.

It’s because you didn’t properly wash your hands away from it.

Wash your hands and refuse to give the distractions in your life, space in your life.

Let us know in the comments, when is the last time you had to wash your hands to get rid of something?




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