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Five Things you can do to help your business while dealing with the Coronavirus

It’s happening. While we don’t know exact what the overall impact will be, we are starting to feel the how COVID-19 is taking its toll on Small Business Owners across the world.

While it’s important to stay updated on health guidelines from trusted organizations like Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the public Health Emergency, it’s equally as important for you as a Black Woman Business Owner to keep your things in order so that you can continue to provide customer with things they need during this period.

Check out these slides for a few tips that Black Women Business Owners can use to help them deal with the Coronavirus:

Respond Quickly to Refunds

People are going to start to hold on to their money a little tighter now that we are in panic mode. Avoid chargebacks by handling refunds as quickly as possible. If you have to refund a customer, give them a good reason to come back by offering a coupon or deal. Send a note letting them know you value them as customer.

Communicate More

Update your customers on what is happening with your business as it is happening with your business. Being self contained the next few days will feel pretty lonely, reach out to your customers to remind them that you are here. If you are running into shipping delays or changed to services use your email, social media and website to reach your clients.

Get Creative

Be prepared to think on your feet and work around issues as they come. As a Black Woman Business Owner this is your time to shine with your quick creative thinking skills. Trust yourself so your customers can trust you.

Stock your inventory

There’s no doubt that things are going to start to run out sooner than later. Take an inventory of what you have on hand and order more of things that you may run out sooner than later. Check with your supply chain for shipping delays. Focus on items that can be useful to your customers right now.

Work on your business

While things are slow, use this adjust your business plans and ideas. Work on some new project you’ve thought about launching. Research some ideas you had but most importantly, be kind to yourself.

Let us know in the comments, what are some things you are doing to help your business better deal with these times.

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