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The Fastest-Growing Group of Entrepreneurs Gets Their Own Holiday.

November 19 is National Buy from a Black Woman Awareness Day.

As the political landscape encourages people to listen to Black women, a new campaign is encouraging them to buy from Black women as well.

On November 19, Black women business owners across the country will celebrate National Buy From A Black Woman Awareness Day, now in its second year.

“This national initiative was created as a way to highlight that Black women business owners are a valuable component of this country’s thriving economic and social force,” says Nikki Porcher, founder of Buy from a Black Woman, a nonprofit that provides education, resources, and support for Black women entrepreneurs.

The holiday brings attention to the unique struggles and inspiring accomplishments of Black women business owners, the America’s fastest growing group of women entrepreneurs, according to the Nielsen Company.

While 2.4 million businesses are owned by Black women, less than 1% receive venture capital funding for their businesses; they are also far less likely to receive loans from traditional lenders than their white counterparts. Buy from a Black Woman saw this gap in resources and created the Buy from a Black Woman Business Grant as an answer. This $1,500 business grant is awarded to an entrepreneur who is in the start-up phase of her business. The award’s eighth recipient will be announced on November 19.

Black women account for 45% of all minority women-owned businesses, yet annual sales for Black women-owned businesses are five times smaller than all women-owned businesses due to lack of support and awareness, according to Buy From A Black Woman’s research. During the month of November, Buy from a Black Woman is using their 64,000 people strong platform to spotlight, motivate and bring awareness to the many Black women business owners who have taken the leap to create and build their own business ventures.

“When you support a Black women business owner, you’re supporting a whole community,” Ms. Porcher explains. “Whatever cause, initiative, anything happening, you will always find a Black woman there giving her all. We need to do a better job of showing our support for our communities. This nation needs to do a better job of showing its support for Black women. Buy from a Black woman.”

About Buy From A Black Woman

Since 2016, Buy From A Black Woman has empowered, educated, and inspired Black women business owners and the people who support them. A registered tax-exempt nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, Buy from a Black Woman ensures that black women have the tools and resources that will allow them to be successful. Through educational programs, an online directory, and funding, Buy from a Black Woman continues to grow as a trusted resource that helps Black women in business.

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