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Why The Black Woman Accelerator Program Surprised Me By Guest Blogger Tamay Shannon

Tamay Shannon, founder of W2S Marketing


That's finally done!

I've been trying to get MBE-certified for over five years. I knew it would allow me to create new partnerships and develop new income streams in my business, but it was hard. It was confusing. And I felt like I was doing everything wrong.

This Was A Turning Point For Me

I was excited when I was accepted into the Buy From A Black Woman Accelerator Program with H&M, but I thought nothing would change. I thought I would learn about the certification process and get a checklist of documents needed. But to my surprise, I actually applied for my certification, and the program supported me throughout the entire process, even correcting my mistakes. I NEVER would have expected this, and I cannot wait to share when everything is finalized.

2023 Buy From A Black Woman Accelerator Program legal audit by Sagehaus Legal

The Program Has Been Invaluable

Throughout the program I gained valuable knowledge on marketing, business finances (which differ greatly from personal finances), and intellectual property. Of all the modules, my favorite was the intellectual property section because it provided me with a clear understanding of the IP I currently possess and what needs to be formalized in the future. This module also gave me insights on how to add value to my agency, providing me with more opportunities down the line. Additionally, it highlighted the importance of legal support for my business growth.

My Network Is Stronger Than Ever

I've also gained valuable connections and relationships with other businesses in the program that inspire me. This group of women is supportive, brilliant, and people everyone should know. I am privileged that I was able to be a part of this cohort, and Buy From A Black Woman brought us together.

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