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We teamed up Flex-N-Fly to create a Buy From A Black Woman Travel Yoga Mat! 

This Microfiber Suede Mat has a Natural Rubber base, is anti-slip, eco-friendly,  & free of pvc, non-toxic. May weighs 2.4lbs


Mat Care:

Hand wash: Wipe with soft wet towel with mild detergent, air drying.
Machine wash: Wash separate on gentle cycle in cold water (no bleach) along with detergent, hang to dry. (DO NOT put in dryer). To speed up drying, wrap mat in a towel and squeeze out excess water.
Storing: Wrap the mat with printing side out, stored in cool and dry place when not in use, avoid sun exposure.

BFABW x Flex-N-Fly Travel Yoga Mat

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