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Meet Lenaya

LeNaya host a free monthly group therapy session

every last Monday of the month for Buy From a Black Woman's Community Members.

When you support a Black Woman Business Owner, you support a whole community.

Meet LeNaya. 


LeNaya is the founder of Seviin Yoga and Kaleidoscope Family Therapy


LeNaya uses her skills and talents to show her support for this community by providing a monthly free group therapy session for Black Women Business Owners. 


She understands that in order to have community support, you must invest in a community that you support. 


Buy From a Black Woman is on a mission to ensure that Black Women Business Owners are educated, empowered and inspired. We know that in order to strive for excellent we must cover all areas of lives, and providing a resource like therapy is just one of the many things we do to achieve that. 


Will you support us supporting Black Women Business Owners?


Will you invest in this community? 


When you support a Black Women Business Owner, you support a whole community. 


Buy From a Black Woman is your community. 



We have reached 7% of our overall goal and need your help.

Please consider making a donation today to help keep the mission alive.

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