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A living example is defined as: A personification or embodiment of a characteristic or quality. Black Women are the embodiment of a number of different characteristics and behaviors.

The Living Example Series tells the stories of Black Women Business Owners and how their journey shaped them to become who they are. Each business owner feature is part of the Buy From A Black Woman Online Community. 

Living Examples is a Buy From A Black Woman Production in partnership with H&M. 

Meet Ariel

How do you solve a problem that you had no idea needed to be fixed?

Ariel Young did just that with her company Copper & Brass Paper Goods. She was tired of not seeing the things she wanted, so she created the things you need.

Meet Ashley

On January 29, 2019 Ashley and her husbands lives were forever changed when a 1 lb 4 oz baby was born. When their son, Carter, was born, they had no how this 1lb 4oz baby would shape and change not just their lives, but many others around.


Tune in and listen as Ashley shares what it meant to start her non-profit, Carter G. Cares Inc., to help other parents and how she is a living example.

Meet bethany

Wondering how a Lawyer got into creating a beauty brand that inspires her to create her own fulfillment center? Meet Bethany.

Bethany, founder of Taupe Coat (now Sainte Nèl) & co-founder of JP Operations shares how an ailment led her to creating her own vegan nail polish line, Taupe Coat, but that was just the start.

Meet cher'don

Who is SHE? SHE is a living example who told her mother at the age of three that one day she would see her names in lights. 

Now she doesn’t just see her name in lights, her business She Prints It, puts other businesses in lights as well. 

Meet Cher'Don. Not only has she created a company for herself, but SHE invited other women to join her on the journey with her.

Meet Danielle

Sometimes you have to leave everything you know to truly discover who you are. Danielle did just that. After traveling around the country she decided that is much harder to run from who she is then be what other people wanted her to be and went full in with her art.


Watch this inspiring story and learn how Danielle, owner of DMC Original Art, is a living example.

Meet Davida

Since birth, Davida has collected beauty tips from the Ghanaian women in her family and now she is sharing the Kate Lynn & Adwoa Skin + Body care line with women all over the world. In 2015, Kate Lynn & Adwoa Skin + Body care line was launched! The line is named after Davida's grandmother (Kate), sister (Lynn), and mother (Adwoa) and is true to her mission – to provide 100% natural skin care products that are not only beneficial to our skin, but also serve as tribute and source of empowerment to the women of Ghana.

Meet DeShuna

How many "no's" must you hear before you understand what your "yes" is?

DeShuna Spencer, founder of Founder & CEO of kweliTV, ask to stop winning if this was not her purpose. When she started to win she knew then it was only the beginning.

Meet Eugenia and Wendy

Not all of us are lucky enough to work with our best friend, but all of us aren't Wendy & Eugenia.

These two Black Woman are leaning into their gifts and life experience to make ladies everywhere... a little softer with their company conditionHER.

Meet Kalyn

To do honor to those who came before you is one of the best way to show  gratitude for the gifts you receive.

It is also what it means to be a living example. 

Watch and learn how Kalyn, owner of Effie's Paper Stationery & Whatnot shows gratitude every time she says her company's name.

Meet Kaya, Maritza, and Sativa

There is an unspeakable bond that a lot of sisters have.

Kaya, Sativa, and Maritza, owners of Dirt Don't Hurt are no exception to that rule.

These three sisters have turned a mantra that children all around the world say into a business that showcases exactly why some dirt does not hurt.

Meet Khadejha

During the pandemic, Khadejha learned about the many benefits of coloring when she started to suffer from the stress and anxiety that she was dealing with. While trying to find books that she could and wanted to color, she learned that the market lacked diversity and knew she couldn't be the only one feeling this way. So, she decided to do something about it by starting her business, Dejha B Coloring. Her interactive and inspirational coloring books was created to fight stigmas and  help Black Women and children see themselves represented. 

Meet Kim

When products you use aren't made for you, what do you do? Well, if you're Kim Roxie, you make  your own. Her beauty brand, LaMik Beauty is an acronym for: Love And Makeup In Kindness. Watch and learn how Kim's story is a true story of being a living example.

Meet Lola

You never know how your journey will unfold, you just have to be open to the possibilities.

That's Lola Pyne, founder of Oasis Soul Scent Co. whole philosophy. She stayed opened to possibilities of what could happen by following the things that made her happy.

Meet nubian

Learning to be your own advocate is something we as Black Women learn very early.

For Nubian Simmons, owner of The Pink Bakery, speaking loudly and celebrating who she is despite her health conditions inspired  her to create a business that allows others a chance to celebrate.

Meet rhonda

Starting a business isn't easy, especially when you didn't have any examples, so Rhonda, owner of Perfectly Cordial, became her own.

Knowing the importance of showing and being a living example, Rhonda made sure to help other Black Women around her, prioritizing her mental health and ensuring that she's giving flowers to the Black Women she sees along the way.

Meet Savannah

When is the last time you got a card just because?

Savannah Stephans has kept the feeling & ritual of receiving & sending just because notes alive with her company Kindred Paper Co.

When rituals are part of your life, it's that much easier to make them part of your business

Meet Shanae

There is so much power behind a name.

Shanae Jones knows that. So when she learned that her company Ivy's Tea Co., named after her Great Grandmother, would be able to be protected legally, she decided to take the journey on creating something that would...but it wasn't easy.

Meet Sonjoria

SonJoria Sydnor is A Yoga Mama, wife, author and founder of Our Family’s Doing Yoga. She is also a parenting educator and certified yoga instructor with over 15 years of experience in Early Childhood Education. SonJoria found the practice of yoga after the birth of her second child while experiencing postpartum depression. Through her pursuit for restoration yoga was integrated into her family’s routine.  

Meet Stephanie

When Stephanie was younger, her mother gave her a book that would change her life…at the time she had no idea just how much. Her love for making things that looked her inspired her to create a collection of dolls that has Oprah calling it “her favorite things.”

In this episode of “The Living Examples” we follow Stephanie of StepStiches and learn why she is ensuring that Black Girls everywhere have dolls that look just like them.

Meet Therese

It's easy when you're creating something you love, to help the people you love. That's exactly how Therese, founder and Head Mutha Fluffa of LUVSPUN did when she wanted to give her children one of her favorite childhood treats. When she realized that kids like her son Tatum, who is on the Autism Spectrum, may be negatively impacted by ingredients such as artificial colors and preservatives, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Literally. 

Meet Tuesday

Being clear on the things that matter to you is never easy. Neither is being balance.

Tuesday P. Brooks, owner of AJOY Management knows this and attributes this life lesson to the reason why she's been able to do so much in her life.

Meet Youmie

Being so connected with your intuition, that it leads you on journey bigger than you business is something that only a few have.

Youmie Jean Francois, Founder and CEO of Flex-N-Fly is one of those few. 

Watch and listen how she start to still to listen so that she could be strong enough to lead.

the story behind
buy from a black woman

Wondering how a Black Woman decides too create a nonprofit to serve Black Women? Watch this story.


Nikki Porcher, founder of Buy From A Black Woman traveled many roads that led her to where she is today. Listen as she, friends and family all  shares what makes Nikki the perfect fit for this space she created.

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