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2024 Is “A Black Woman Year”…A Note From Our Founder

In 2022, many corporations spoke out on how they were going to help address economic inequality in Black Communities. However, we’ve since seen a decline in partner dollars, lawsuits against grassroots organizations that are helping Black businesses, and the discontinuation of the diversity and inclusion initiatives that were so vital in 2020.

And as a leader in this space, I have a responsibility to ensure that we do not go backwards and that the economic empowerment that comes from Black Women, Black Businesses and Black Communities is not forgotten. So in 2024 I will be on a personal and professional journey. A Black Woman Year.

A year of exclusively buying from Black Women

Starting on January 1, 2024, I will focus on using only goods and services that are provided by Black Women-Owned Businesses. This includes companies that work directly with Black Women Business Owners and that provide them with financial backing, along with other resources to grow and scale their businesses.

Inspired by Maggie Anderson’s "Our Black Year" and the resulting movement that she initiated, our goal is to foster the type of economic growth that leads to lasting change. Maggie’s personal journey and commitment to exclusively patronizing Black-Owned Businesses for an entire year demonstrated the potential for positive change through consumer choices. The movement she inspired serves as a reminder of the influence we hold as consumers and the importance of fostering economic opportunities within marginalized communities.

She paved the way for this and we’re grateful for her support as we continue the important work that she started. 

“I am honored to link arms with the bold, brilliant, beautiful Nikki Porcher. And to share what I’ve learned and support this amazing project. This is what Black women do! We can’t keep fighting racism, exploitation, inequality and injustice with our prayers and protests, THEN enabling them with our purchases.” ~ Maggie Anderson, author of My Black Year

Black Women deserve real support

After a record year of driving $2.7 million+ into the Black Community; amplifying the visibility and accessibility of 600+ Black Women Business Owners by placing them in front of 4,000 consumers a month through the Buy From A Black Woman Business Directory; and bringing almost 700 people in 14 states across the country together to celebrate and buy from Black Women, A Black Woman Year marks a significant milestone in the mission of Buy From A Black Woman.

Throughout A Black Woman Year, Buy From a Black Woman will actively seek partnerships with corporations that share the commitment to supporting and uplifting Black Women-Owned Businesses; feature signature programs that create opportunities for entrepreneurs; and invite individuals, businesses and organizations to join the #ABlackWomanYear movement. By participating, they’ll be contributing to the larger narrative of economic empowerment, equality and progress.

“Over the past three years of H&M’s partnership with Buy From A Black Woman, we’ve seen tremendous growth and empowerment for the business owners of this network. We look forward to seeing the amazing ways A Black Woman Year will no doubt bolster our efforts to foster and champion the success of Black Women business owners even further.” ~ Donna Dozier Gordon, Head of Inclusion and Diversity, H&M Americas.

Get involved in A Black Woman Year

  • Buy from Black Women: Support the Black Women-Owned businesses in your area and use Black Woman Business Directory to find businesses that you can shop with online.

  • Add your business to the Black Woman Business Directory to make it easier for consumers to find you and buy from you.

  • Become a corporate partner: Email to find out how your organization can support A Black Woman Year and contribute to a more diverse and equitable marketplace.

  • Donate: Donate money, your expertise, air miles or other supportive resources. 

Take a deeper dive into my personal statement over at A Black Woman Website and follow along on the journey by using our #ABlackWomanYear hashtag.

Let's make 2024 A Black Woman Year!

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