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DJ Monday Blue

Monday Blue is an experienced Brooklyn-based DJ who specializes in both digital and vinyl music. With over nine years of experience, she is known for moving diverse crowds at events across the U.S. and abroad.

Monday Blue is also the founder and resident DJ of Doyennes of Disc, a monthly vinyl party featuring all women selectors at Brooklyn’s BierWax. You can stream her spinning vinyl live on most Wednesdays at 6 pm ET on Follow Your Bliss With Monday Blue on


saturday, november 25 - los angeles

LAMIK Beauty

Kim Roxie, Founder, and CEO of LAMIK Beauty, is dedicated to celebrating the beauty of all women. With degrees from Clark Atlanta University and Tuck School of Business, including an executive leadership certification, Kim's background sets the foundation for her success. She earned her esthetician license from Houston Community College, where she opened her first store at 21.

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Mahogany Brown Candle Co.

Mahogany Brown Candle Co. is a black woman, and Veteran owned business hand-poured in Grayson, GA. Established in 2020, Deloyce Dhoruba, originally from Belize, Central America, and a US Army Veteran. She is a firm believer that scents are the triggers to memories, relaxation, comfort, and promotes anxiety reduction, which carries over to skincare as a self-care regimen. She has taken the time to carefully craft and test each of her formulas to ensure amazing scents, and extended burns, by using only natural products. From the products to the packaging, we ensure a luxury candle experience. Welcome to your Mahogany Experience!

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Sainte Nèl

Bethany J. Peak is an attorney turned entrepreneur and wellness advocate. After experiencing a health crisis due to burnout, Bethany stepped away from the practice of law temporarily to prioritize her physical and mental health. During this time, she founded Sainte Nèl, a non-toxic nail care and wellness company, as a manifestation of her passion for clean beauty and her commitment to wellness. A self-described "recovering workaholic", Bethany is now on a mission to encourage other purpose-driven women to prioritize their personal well-being as they accomplish their goals.

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SUNNY&TED is a home and gift collection committed to elevating the vibes at home by beautifully portraying Black people through homeware. They provide tableware, blankets, ornaments, and pillows featuring Black characters in a full range of skin tones so that everyone can enjoy the special days and every day with home goods that look like their loved ones.

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The Artsy Girl

Since 2020, The Artsy Girl has been on a mission to redefine self-expression and boost women’s confidence through uniquely crafted earrings and accessories. There is something in the collection for every woman who wants to make a statement, radiate confidence, and own her individuality.

The founder, Sharmequa Franklin, infuses her creative genius into every design. From hand-mixed glitter recipes infused in resin, to hoops made from polymer clay or artsy designs made from acrylic, each creation is a masterpiece that tells a story – YOUR story. 

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saturday, december 2 - los angeles

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Be You Candles

Shemeka Wright is a multifaceted talent known for her impressive career as both an actress and a thriving business owner. BYC Home Decor formerly named Be You Candles, is a luxury decor and candle brand that advocates celebrating self through every mood and experience by infusing space with enriched fragrances and designs to energize and rejuvenate. Shemeka’s life and career serve as a testament to her dedication, creativity, and determination, making her a true inspiration to those who aspire to excel in both the artistic and business realms.

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Wendy Rose Berry and Eugenia Marshall are LA-based entrepreneurs, mothers, and besties juggling and balancing life while building their intimate skincare brand as co-founders of conditionHER. A serendipitous connection with a PhD level biochemist helped these longtime friends develop a skincare product that provides solutions to multiple intimate skin issues that most people are uncomfortable talking about. 

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Youmie Jean Francois is a transformational speaker, Corporate wellness consultant, and Founder/CEO of Flex-N-Fly. With Flex-n-Fly she is bridging the gap between travel and wellness. Flex-N-Fly is a travel wellness company that provides stretching, yoga, and relaxation classes to travelers before they board their flights at airports. Youmie created and designed both of Flex-N-Fly's best-selling minimalist travel products The Flex|Bag and The Flex|Mats. You can catch her splitting her time between New York City and Colombia as she continues to expand the face of wellness.

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Mamie L. Pack Media

Dr. Mamie L. Pack is a military wife, momma, educator, and founder of Mamie L. Pack Media. With a Ph.D. in Education and an M.Ed. in Divergent Learning, Dr. Mamie Pack started her business in 2018 by creating stationery with purpose designed to help women prioritize their wellbeing. Dr. Pack uses her professional knowledge and personal experience  to disrupt the narrative telling women we must do more and be more in order in order to have worth or a meaningful life. She uses her professional expertise and personal experience to create purposeful products. Her company pours into supporting educators, military spouses, and caregivers.

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Natural Radiant Life

Rhonda is a Chicago native and the CEO of Natural Radiant Life, a vegan, clean, and organic skincare company that harnesses the power of 100% whole-food ingredients to create waterless formulas for Women of Color. Rhonda gets to live out her dream by owning her own business and working with two good friends, her co-founders LaKesha Gage-Woodard, and Sherry D. Fields.

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The Pink Bakery

Nubian considers herself the Uncrowned Queen of Inclusion! As the owner of The Pink Bakery, Inc., the 1st top allergen-free premium baking mix company in the U.S., she has been featured on local, national and worldwide media platforms for her unique ability to make delicious baking mixes without the top allergens. Certified gluten-free, kosher (pareve) and top 8 allergen-free. Everything is naturally vegan and made in a dedicated top allergen-free facility. 

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saturday, december 9 - new york

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Anna & Pookie

Andrea Harris-Lyons founded ANNA+POOKIE after years of being disappointed with the lack of diversity in party supplies. For many years, she found it impossible to find party characters or themes that represent black and brown children. ANNA+POOKIE Party Supplies is the only black, woman-owned shop dedicated to providing party supplies created for children of color.

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Corage Dolls

Flora Ekpe Idang is the founder and owner of Corage Dolls.

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Dejha B Coloring 


Khadejha "Dejha B" Brunner is a multi-talented individual who wears many hats - she is the founder of Dejha B Coloring, a recording artist, and a Senior Business Analyst. Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, Dejha B discovered the power of art and entertainment as an escape from urban life. Inspired by the lack of inclusive representation in the adult coloring book market, she launched Dejha B Coloring in 2020. Her unique coloring books celebrate women and children of color, offering an empowering self-care tool.

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Lizzie's All-natural Products


Lizzie's All-natural Products is an eczema & sensitive skin-friendly product-based company that focuses on bringing viable, effective, and efficient results to their customers. Owner Christen Funderburk began the company in 2017 due to a lifelong battle with eczema. Since its start, Lizzie's All-natural Products has served over 20 thousand customers, won numerous awards, helped other women entrepreneurs start their companies, and opened a store in downtown Winston Salem, North Carolina where they develop products, provide skincare services, and host a number of classes to help the community understand the true power of nature. 

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Safo Hair


Dr.  Ellana Stinson is the owner and founder of the Safo Hair line which focuses on an untapped market in the hair care/beauty industry. Safo Hair recognizes all hair is not made equal. Just as our complexions vary so greatly, so does our hair. This, however, is not fully reflected in the current market to address the vast diversity of hair types.  Ellana has a healthcare background of practicing medicine in community hospitals as an Emergency Medicine physician for over 10 years. In addition, Dr. Ellana hopes to build community around understanding the important of scalp health in ensuring healthy locs of hair. By the nature of her work, Dr. Ellana is a healer and hopes that Safo Hair reflects the health and healing of the scalp and hair.  Safo hopes to bridge the hair care and health care industry through awareness and education.

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Vigorwicks Candle Co.


As a passionate creative with over 20+ years in various innovative industries, Lee began to create the brand that would become Vigorwicks in 2019. Vigorwicks lends itself to the appeal and personality of many homes by creating an experience for you through aromas strategically blended and guaranteed to ignite your senses. This is done by layering premium fragrance and essential oils with love and integrity.

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saturday, december 16 - new york

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DMC Original Art


Danielle M Chery is a self-trained artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She is the founder of the award-winning home decor business DMC Original Art, creating one-of-a-kind pieces of functional resin art for homes and workspaces. Danielle turns to nature for inspiration and uses a fluid art technique to create earth-toned designs on wooden and ceramic materials. Some of her creations include wall paintings, coasters, jewelry dishes, serving trays, and tables.

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Effie’s Paper


Kalyn Johnson Chandler is the founder and creative force behind the signature paperie, Effie’s Paper :: Stationery & Whatnot. She’s extended her intrinsic fashion sense into a distinct lifestyle brand focusing on desk accessories and travel products, named after her grandmother, Mrs. Effie Hayes.

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Perfectly Cordial


Rhonda Cammon is the founder of Perfectly Cordial, a  multi-award-winning fruit-first beverage mixer making inclusive drinking easy with a simple 2 to 1 recipe. Elevating craft beverages with ease. Rhonda left a 20-year nursing career to pursue a passion for community with a focus on healthy consumption, creating four distinctive food and beverage companies in the process.

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Sibahle Teas

Regina Brewton, the founder and creative force behind Sibahle Teas (pronounced See-Bah-Clay), is a self-proclaimed Brew-Tea-Ful Queen on a mission to share Africa’s unique and exotic tea flavors with tea enthusiasts worldwide. As a certified tea specialist currently pursuing her tea Sommelier certification, Regina focuses on sourcing sustainably grown whole-leaf orthodox teas directly from smallholder farmers in Africa. Their range of teas includes traditional whole-leaf teas such as black, white, green, and oolong teas, as well as herbal teas like honeybush, buchu, and rooibos from South Africa. Sibahle, which means “we are beautiful” in Zulu, truly celebrates the beauty of Africa in every cup of tea. Regina resides in the Bronx, NY, with her husband and daughters.

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The 125 Collection

Founder, Valerie Wray, originally from Louisville, KY is a city girl with a southern soul. She has lived in NYC for over 20 years where she has grown from a Bluegrass belle to a Harlem urbanista. NYC is Valerie's platform of inspiration where she infuses the energy, attitude, grit and glamour of the city into a relatable luxury candle brand. Luxury goods shouldn't be reserved for just a select few and she reimagines what luxury looks like by creating products that are premium yet approachable and inspirational.

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Yara Shea Beauty

Nguzo Ogbodo is a Social Entrepreneur and Women’s Advocate. Her company Yara Shea Beauty is a social impact company rooted in the financial empowerment of women, fighting to end period poverty, and creating safe spaces for young girls to realize their rights and achieve their full potential. The New York-based enterprise develops Shea butter creams, lotions, lip balms, and soap. Nguzo is an avid traveler, a lawyer, and a mother to three beautiful children.

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saturday, december 16 - atlanta

Tyana BeUTee headshot_edited.jpg

BeUTee Bath and Body

Tyana Singletary is a research scientist, founder, and formulator of BeUTee Bath and Body. With over 20 years of laboratory experience, she is no stranger to the dangers of harsh chemicals. Ultimately, a brief encounter with one such chemical while working in the lab led Tyana to formulate a natural skin care line. BeUTee Bath and Body offers handcrafted vegan products with purpose! In addition to providing exceptional skin care, BeUTee Bath and Body seeks to support the efforts of domestic violence centers through her 10% giveback mission.​

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Copper and Brass Paper Goods

Ariel cultivated a love for all things paper, details, and pretty little things as a child. While some teens work their first jobs as a babysitter or in fast food, Ariel wrapped gifts in a department store. Ariel started Copper & Brass Paper Goods in 2018 after noticing a lack of diversity in the paper goods industry. She started with wrapping paper and put her company on the map with a Black Santa gift wrap. From there, her business grew to an assortment of office supplies featuring Black imagery.

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